About Roz


Roz Adams started with a simple purpose: Make available to every woman the tools, resources and support she needs to live a healthy and happy life. She is fiercely committed to educating women about the importance of taking control of their own health by first dealing with the stressors in their life. Her track record over the last 25 years speaks to her commitment to her clients, their families, and the community at large. She would love to see you today to listen, laugh, cry, and release the stress that is keeping you from feeling great every day.

Our Pro


Roz Adams understands the total effect stress has on a woman's mind, body, and spirit.  She has dedicated her career to the study of stress and the female body. She's a fierce proponent of women's health and has dedicated herself to educating women on how to take control of their health and navigate the medical system at large. She continues to have a loyal following of women who love her work, promote her in the community, and refer clients to her on a daily basis.  Releasing stress so you can enjoy your life is her thing!